Daily dose of triangles………….

This is a representation of my daily dose of triangles.  There are many more; I just did a layout of a few of them.  I have 4 alike of a lot of them so that gives me the opportunity for some pinwheels in the final layout.  If I work on this every night for a week I think I will have enough triangles for a large lap size quilt.  I will have to do more cutting of scraps so I have a better variety for my limited attention span.  So…my plan is to cut some nights and sew on the other nights and make this into a 2-4 week project.


9 thoughts on “Daily dose of triangles………….

  1. Good morning Wanda….I just love that you are so, over the top, organized and wish that I was more like you, but I'm not. I'm going to try hard to be more frugal with little bits of fabric, especially the batiks, and cut them into different sized squares as you do. You must have been a wonderful teacher, and still are, through your blog, sharing your knowledge and giving us tips. Just want you to know how much it's appreciated. We are finally getting some rain, but it's getting cold, so I think we'll have to bring in the hibiscus plants till summer. Hope you have a relaxing time with your family this weekend, and enjoy yourself. lv2bquilting2@comcast.net

  2. Beautiful half square triangles. They are so versatile. My sewing machine wants to eat them when I try to sew them. I've started placing a small piece of paper under the the fabric when starting. Do you have problems?

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