Playing with triangles……..

I can’t start a new big project until next week so I just took the box of triangles that I cut from scraps with my die cutter and sewed contrasting values together.  This will be an ongoing busy work project for a couple months.  

The art quilters are coming next Monday, I have some minor alterations to do on a bridesmaid dress for my granddaughter, a family reunion Sunday and 3 desserts to bake for Sunday and Monday.  I will just need busy work to unwind with each evening.  Oh, and I forgot, it is the last free brush pick up for the year so I need to get a few more volunteer trees cut down and added the pile on the end of my driveway.


14 thoughts on “Playing with triangles……..

  1. Colorful busy work. I think we all need busy work to work out the stress of the day. I mended a shirt today and hated to think about doing that sort of sewing again after years of doing it. Hope it goes well. Chris

  2. Looks like you have a busy, busy time coming up! I began using up the left overs from my HST project, I love the way you are using contrasting values, mine are just going together however they come out of the box.

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