September recap…….and the winners are………….

I had two finishes, both at the beginning of September.  

 I made three quilt tops.  The one on the left is about 64″ x 78″, the colorwash is 32.5″ square and the table runner is 12″ x 36″.  I experimented with a new technique but didn’t include that sample here. 

I only completed one dishcloth, the one that was half done last month, and started one new one.  I have knitted 41 dishcloths so far this year so I’m ahead of my goal of 4 a month.

Now for the winner of the Lapel Sticks from yesterday’s giveaway.  In 71 comments there were only 5 no replies who didn’t put their email address in their comment.  That is a huge improvement over the day before, so thank you for all of you who did add your email address.

The winners are Carole in Nebraska and Sally in St. Paul so as soon as I get your mailing addresses, the Lapel Sticks will be on their way to you.  


11 thoughts on “September recap…….and the winners are………….

  1. I love all your quilts, but this month my favorite is the colorwash quilt. I also knit washcloths but am not as good as your are at knitting. Mine are really basic and rarely ever square, but people seem to love them.

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