The clean up………..

I have made several little wallhangings with a colorwash heart.  If I did this one now I would be more creative with prints at the outside edge of the heart so it would look more rounded and less pixelly.

I brought the pile of scraps upstairs to sort while I watched the news and weather.  These are all of the widths that were too narrow to use for the kit pieces.  I’m picking the pieces I want to keep and I have a buyer for the rest.

Once again I’m going to mention that if you asked me a question in a comment and you didn’t hear back from me, you are a NO REPLY commenter.  The majority of you are Google+ and I can’t even leave a comment on your site because I won’t join (and become a no reply like you are).  I have an email link on the right side bar and another in my profile…… if you really want an answer….email me.


6 thoughts on “The clean up………..

  1. You don't have to answer this by email, but I am wondering if you ever make crumb quilts out of all your scraps ? I am cutting now and have so many crumbs, just putting them into bags. Your little heart is cute, love the fabrics.

  2. I love hearts digital or otherwise… Your colorwash's always mesmerize me. So pretty… and the duck is adorable. (*._,*)

    Even though you have stated many, many times to those “NO REPLY” commenters that you can not respond to … I will bet you will have to repeat this over and over again.


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