The end of a treat……….

All I have to show for my day yesterday is the last 4 toffee bars.  I baked 2 desserts to take both places I went yesterday.  I started out at the twice monthly sew in and helped someone with the directions on a pattern.  Then I went to a sister in law gathering and also saw my niece from California.  It was a relaxing social day.   Last night I sorted kits and then spent time on the computer contacting a bunch of people who wanted a kit.  I’m at the end of the fabric with just 4 more kits to cut today.  When I finish them I will have cut 89.25 yards of colorwash type fabric into kits.  That leaves me with 2 empty blanket boxes under the pool table.


18 thoughts on “The end of a treat……….

  1. I am sure those blanket boxes are filling as I write this. In my experience, the fabric stash is stored under pressure (as we squeeze in more and more). So getting rid of fabric is just a pretense: the remaining fabric, with a sigh of relief, immediately expands and fills the space!!!!

  2. Wow that is a lot of fabric cutting. Hope it feels good to be sending it out into the world. I know my little bit of the world can't wait. Enjoy those last few desserts, they look good!

  3. I am constantly amazed at how much fabric you have! It seems like you cut and cut and sew and sew and you STILL have a boatload of fabric. Now the real question is….how long do those 2 blanket boxes stay empty???

  4. Yay for empty boxes! I've just emptied 6 smallish boxes of inherited fabric from the 80s and 90s that I've never used – will offer them to my older quilt group. NOW what will I put in them – looks like I'll have to go shopping!

  5. My hat is off to you – that is one huge chunk of cutting. But I'll bet it feels great to have those two bins empty (and ready to fill again… 🙂 ). Good thing you have the odd sugar hit to keep your energy level up!

  6. I bet that will feel great when the fabric gets shipped out!! I really liked your colorwash quilt top when it was on your design wall. They have their own design challenges—but you can really have fun playing with the arrangement. Another quilt top assembled by you—you are very inspiring.

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