Bear Paw says goodbye……

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you might remember the Bear Paw top that I completed in Feb. 2013.  I had so much fun making those blocks.  Yesterday two friends came to town to go out to lunch.  We hadn’t seen each other for a little over a year.  One of them surprised me by buying two of my quilt tops and this was one of them.  

This was the other layout I had on the design wall and I really liked it but chose to sew the other one.  Now that the first one is gone I will probably make more blocks and do a layout similar to this.  It is a great block to sew while watching TV and now that the good shows are on again, I will want a fun project to work on.

Today is a social day which I need.  My body is beginning to hurt from all of the kit cutting and a day away will be good.  I’ll be back at it on Friday.


17 thoughts on “Bear Paw says goodbye……

  1. lovely colors in that quilt – I like that row of smaller blocks in the middle but I also like the other version as well. Know what you mean about a break for the body aches – with as little sewing as I have done the past 7 weeks I see a big difference in my thumb and can tell I will need to slow down with my hand work when we get back home.

  2. Wanda, so happy to read about the enjoyable and rewarding day you had with your friends, and hope that today will allow you to recharge your batteries and begin anew tomorrow. We all need to take a break now and then, so that even the things we love, don't begin to weigh us down. Have a relaxing day!!!

  3. I can see why your friend bought your quilts. They are treasures for sure. Just looking at the Bear Paw patterns and 'exuberant' fabrics make me smile. They are gorgeous. When you say “quilt tops”… will she finish them then ?


  4. I've joined after you made that top, so it's my first look at it. Thanks for showing it again. I've never been a fan of that block, but what a beautiful quilt you made with it. I just love the way you combined two different sizes in a surprising way – especially in the top you didn't make! I hope you try it again. Though, you don't often make square quilts, do you?
    Do I understand it correctly that you sold an unquilted top, or two, to your friend?
    I'm not surprised all that cutting is getting to you! That's a lot of repetitive work. Are you using a traditional rotary cutter and ruler? It's pretty hard work, and actually requires some strength, especially if you – as I assume – are cutting several layers of fabric.

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