Well….the photographer (me!) obviously wasn’t standing straight in front of this!!  It was almost midnight and I wasn’t in the mood to go down to the basement and retake the photo.

Everyone tells me I’m so good with color on these colorwashes, but it is value that makes them work, light to dark.  With busy multicolor prints, occasionally a color will get grouped, like the green in this area, but it is the busyness and multicolor that is making it blend.  It is like one of those collages that look like a certain person or object, and then they zoom in and it is a bunch of photos strategically placed to make it work.


26 thoughts on “Sewn………..

  1. Wow! It looks amazing sewn together… You need to rest and admire this one now!! I still can't believe how many different fabrics you have on hand! I should have jumped on the band wagon to buy a kit because with my stash, I'd be lucky to make a place mat! Lol

  2. I think… that most of us are still stuck in our Elementary School Color… guides— that didn't/don't take in to consideration the depth and VALUES of color or explain it very well either. There is more to color than just a variation of the color!!!! As you so often show with your creations.

  3. This is beautiful. You do have the ability to see what works with value and color, an amazing gift that you share with us. I drink my coffee each morning and you are my second fix of each day ! Thank you.

  4. Lovely, I like the greens together, and all the others blend perfectly, I sometimes wonder if you do a lot of re-arranging or is it right the first time? Your colours shine, as always. Cheers,Jean

  5. As ALWAYS PERFECTION, wish I had your eye for color wash. I think I will send my kits back to you and have your set them up the rows for me and I will stitch them up… ha, ha (*._,*) wish I lived next door.

    I am a monotone person… I think that is my problem.


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