I was wondering……….

It was so much fun emptying that blanket box of the 10 trays of colorwash squares.  A friend wanted to purchase a selection from them and what is left over will go to another friend.  I have 3 large blanket boxes full of floral fabrics, most from several years ago.  Since so many people loved the colorwash I was working on yesterday, I wondered if there would be anyone interested in a selection of 50 pieces of florals including the ones in the photo above, 6″ x 10.5″ for about $28 which would include first class mailing in the US.  If you are interested leave a comment or contact me directly with the email link in my profile or the email link on the right sidebar.

From a piece 6″ x 10.5″ you could cut 2 charm squares (5″) or 2 strips 2.5″ from which you could cut 8 – 2.5″ squares or leave them as strips for jelly roll type projects.  You could instead cut 3 – 2″ strips which could be cut into 2″ squares or left as strips.  There are many combinations of triangles and other shapes that could be cut from that size piece.  

In a colorwash project variety of fabric is more important than repeating the same fabric over and over.  I do repeat some fabrics 2 or 3 times in a piece the size I built yesterday (256 squares) but I probably have 230 different fabrics in it.

I work with 2.5″ squares and sew them together in rows like I showed in this post.  A lot of people would rather use the 2″ gridded interfacing and use 2″ squares to build a colorwash.  Here is a post where I show how I store my squares to make it easy to see all of the fabrics at once.

This link from my Label list (right side bar) will take you to all of the posts that refer to colorwash.  

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21 thoughts on “I was wondering……….

  1. I would definitely like to purchase a set of the fabrics! I just unearthed my one colorwash piece (completed years ago) and immediately regretted abandoning my CW fabrics in a subsequent move. So I home I am lucky enough to “win” one of these sets. I am pretty sure that I have finally enabled responses, here, but will follow up as email also.

  2. Wanda, I would love to purchase this fabric from you, especially since I've been scouring the web looking at fabric that might be perfect for a colorwash quilt. What perfect timing! Last night I was on Pinterest, and to my surprise I found that you also had some boards, which I was very happy to see.

  3. Lovely selection, wish I was in US , you have them arranged perfectly, and I can almost see another colourwash coming up. Fabric in a box, that is like having all presents on Christmas Day, but every day. Cheers, Jean.

  4. This is a test. I've deleted my
    google plus account and want to
    see how that effects my comments. Thanks for your understanding.

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