In progress piece……….

Several readers asked about the little piece in progress on my cleaned off cutting table in yesterday’s post.  It has been laying there since December last year.  Here is a link to the others I was working on at that time.  This one has lost a few pieces in all of that time so I pulled out the trays on which I store the tiny pieces of batik fabric.  I should finish it NOW!  The little clips are holding the layers together so I can do a straight stitch on the edge and then do the machine quilting and the zig-zagged edge finish.


11 thoughts on “In progress piece……….

  1. I do like your multicolored mini quilts, are you still doing any journal quilts? 🙂 I'm probably a no-reply-er I can't figure it all out at the moment!

  2. Beautiful! So serendipitous that you should show it just now, because it reminds me of some quilts I saw this past weekend when I was at an AQS quilt show in Chattanooga. A woman named Melody Johnson had a one woman show in a corner of the big show – something I've never seen before – and her quilts at first glance made me think of you. Mostly because they were so very bright and colorful. On closer inspection, they are clearly VERY different, but my first impression on approaching the corner was that it looked like something you could've made. Strangely, however, Melody does basically no piecing, she fuses everything! And then she doesn't even quilt it down afterwards, but often takes pain to quilt between the fused pieces rather across them!
    Obviously, her pieces are all exclusively art pieces for hanging on the wall, and they cannot ever be washed. In case you're interested, her blog is at

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