Clean up day………

Every time I walked into my studio this is the mess I saw.  Maybe if the tops were tilted like this photo, they would be clean all of the time.

By the time 2 episodes of Unforgettable were over I had made some progress.   Now maybe I’ll really work in here.


14 thoughts on “Clean up day………

  1. My Creative Space looks like the before photo right now… In the midst of a project…. which I though I could just whip right up…. HA!
    I think you need to explain… that little thing with the clips on it!

  2. The block on your table is just beautiful and looks like pieces of glass in all different shapes and sizes. I don't think you're alone in having messy work tables. I believe most creative people share the same problem.

  3. I like the block on your table too! My son went back to France on Saturday and today is my day for re-quilting his bedroom, it looks tidy because I stuffed everything away in different places to accomodate him and now I have got to find it all again!

  4. Seeing your before photo makes me feel better about my work space- it looks very much the same. It's a never-ending process with creative projects, and like you, I get to point where nothing can move forward till things get tidies up a bit. You did a good job and it looks ready for what's next.

  5. Every one of us that has a studio or the like, sure can relate to how quickly our work tables get cluttered with our projects. It always feels good to straighten it up and with hopes to keep it that way…. yah right.

    I see your remote there too…. what would we do without our t.v. to LISTEN too as we work . (*._,*)


  6. Sure is a good thing I don't feel compelled to post pics of my sewing room! It is such a mess! Much smaller, too, than your space, and there isn't much spare room, so unless I put everything away all the time, it quickly gets messy. There just isn't room for things to be out. But that's mostly my own fault, because I have too much fabric, which takes up all the space!

  7. My husband says that I have an innate need to cover all horizontal surfaces. He's probably right; they're all underneath a lot of stuff. 🙂
    Google Nancy Crow's studio if you want to see a “mess”. She says it needs to be out for her to be creative.

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