Family day…………

We had a family photo shoot at the local forest preserve.  The little great-grandson was in pretty good humor.

This critter was on the picnic table and I didn’t investigate to see if it was dead or alive.

I gave my granddaughter a piece of vintage jewelry, that is if 56 years old is vintage.  It was one of my gifts when I graduated from high school.  It was always a favorite of mine and I wanted her to know the story behind it.


21 thoughts on “Family day…………

  1. He looks like a very healthy handful. Also the gift was very nice. Means more to the both of you to do it now then leave it later and no meaning being explained. Will keep this jester in mind for the future with my Granddaughters. Chris

  2. Beautiful photo of you and your great grandson. Nice bracelet too. The bug looks like a cicada, also known as dog day harvest fly. It was probably dead. They live underground for many years, some as long as 17 years and then emerge and spend only a few hours to a few days above ground. You were lucky to find it.

  3. I can't imagine what it is like to have a grandchild but what I really like about the photo is that you both look so well and healthty.
    Now and again I see one of those bugs here, I think they are the ones that make a terrible racket before the rainy season.

  4. Thank you Wanda for the photo of you and grandson. Was so happy to see your little guy again, our little ones grow up to fast in such a short time. He is adorable, and what a great photo of YOU both.

    Those cicada keep Sandwich buzzing in the fall. Every time we come to Sandwich in the fall the trees are filled with the noise they generate.

    I'm sure your granddaughter loves her bracelet as much as you have. It truly is a treasure.


  5. Love the photo of you and GG, and I'm sure the photo shoot, taken in the woods turned out great. We have our 6 year old great granddaughter this weekend, and we had such a good time, inside and out. My hubby built a fire for her and we roasted marshmallows, fed the fish in the pond and she helped me pick some tomatoes. We also spent a lot of time watching Disney movies since I have so many of them on VHS. Hope your weekend was a good one.

  6. I bet some fabulous photos come from that shoot. What a setting! Just the one you have there is wonderful. And that is a beautiful bracelet you passed along to your granddaughter. I'm sure she will treasure it and be proud to wear it!

  7. Wonderful photo of you and the great-grandson, Wanda! Don't blame you for not investigating the critter. I've thought those were dead, and they are NOT always…gives you a start, I'll tell you.

    So glad you gave the granddaughter the bracelet. It is such a pretty one, and it will mean lots to her. My grandmother gave me a ring that had been given her from her great-aunt. I treasure it still, lo these many years later.

  8. What a lovely bracelet! My 10 year old granddaughter loves to look through my jewelry – I was telling her about one pendant when my daughter chimed in “I remember when you wore that to work – when you kissed me goodbye in the morning it swung by my face”. I had no idea she had such a memory… So now it will be hers before it goes to any grand-daughter!
    Family jewelry doesn't have to be expensive to be precious, I find….
    Beverly near Yosemite CA

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