Hunter Star table runner top……

I decided to mix up the values and try to distribute the very darkest value evenly.  The biggest problem with it is that the middle value was used for both a dark and a light so one block looks pretty solid where they came together.  I probably could have played with the triangle half blocks longer to fix that, but let’s get real.  This is something that will sit on a table with hot dishes on it and probably get gravy spilled on it.  Now I have to find a backing and binding fabric and finish it along with about 5 or 6 other table runners that are waiting to be finished.  For those who were asking, I cut these pieces with the Hunter Star die for the GO! cutter.

Our weather has set new records 2 days in a row, coldest high it has been on these dates for over a hundred years (records in Chicago), 53 degrees 2 days in a row.  I haven’t turned on the heat yet.


14 thoughts on “Hunter Star table runner top……

  1. The runner is beautiful Wanda and my husband insisted we turn the heat on last night, and was happy that I did, since it was 38 degrees out when I got up this morning. Way too cold for this time of year. My poor tomatoes need sun and heat. There are soooooooooooo many, large and small still on the vines.

  2. I've been amazed at all the cold temps we have been seeing on our trip and people saying they haven't seen a late summer being this chilly – I am getting very used to turning on the heat in the camper before we go to bed to make sure it comes on in the middle of the night – our lowest was 24 so far, 28 not uncommon and 30's normal!

  3. Colors perfect for fall.
    That's pretty cool. I'd probably have turned the heat on. Or at least a space heater in my my immediate area. With temps like that, you will be seeing some fall colors soon.

  4. Love those autumn colours, and a cooler day. 13C is cool for us here too, Cheers,Jean. p.s. outside it is 10C or 50F, and the fire is lit so when Hugh is up, the room is warmer for him.

  5. Oh Wanda ~ As I am catching up with the last few posts, the one you posted today, Hunter Star runner, just took my breath away. Another rich glorious piece. I just love it.

    Your 17″ piece is just awesome. You achieve such drama and elegance with your pieces. No matter how big or small they are .


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