Coleus cuttings……

It is time to start taking cuttings off the Coleus plants to winter over.  You can keep them in water all winter, no need to plant them.  If you do a search for rooting Coleus you will find that it is one of the very easiest plants to root.  So many need rooting compound but Coleus just needs water.  I planted a bunch of mine last year and lost them by February so this year they will stay in water.

I have a few more varieties to take cuttings from.  I must have had at least a dozen different color this year.

Today I am going to cut up this 1 yard piece of fabric that I have had for close to 20 years.  Our twice monthly sew-ins are starting up again and all I’m taking is cutting projects.


11 thoughts on “Coleus cuttings……

  1. What a piece of fabric! amazing colours! Looking forward to what you will do with it.

    I'm just getting to sit down after a long day, I'm in Australia so I seem to catch your blog update just as it's published, I like to browse a few blogs in the evening!

  2. My grandmother used to keep coleus cuttings in a vase on the wall. I have rooted many of them myself. They are indeed easy to root. It is a great “learn about plants” project for school children also.

  3. I had a clipping from a coleus that did great in making roots in water, but then it started to brown and eventually die. I'm thinking that perhaps half the clippings in water and half in potting soil has better odds of survival.

    And that fabric – is that a Nancy Crow print? I remember having one very like that, and also in red. I loved that I could do some kind of gradation loving block and the reds 'worked' perfectly together.

  4. I'll bet the colors in yesterday's experiment made you think of this fabric – colors and values (in the finished photo) are the same. Are you going to try yesterday's project again in different colors?

  5. Our winters are so mild a trip to the garage in colder weather is usually all I have to do to keep our coleus going. I wanted to get some different varieties this years, but never got around to doing it. Next year I'll do better.

  6. Hey, I am with you on the coleus. I used to buy it every year until I found how to propogate them. Wow, you have a large variety. I only have four or five. My best to you.

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