A day at the fair…………

I went out to the county Fair on Saturday morning.  I tried to get a variety of needlework photos to post.  Some are the “best of” winners, others I just liked the colors or pattern.  We have the largest county fair in IL, also the last fair of the season, starting on Wednesday after Labor Day.

There is a category for hand knit socks.

I thought the hand embroidery on this pillow was beautiful.

I love this yo-yo quilt.


14 thoughts on “A day at the fair…………

  1. It's been a long time since I've been to a fair with a memorable group of textiles and handwork. Thanks for sharing these lovelies.
    Do you ever enter your quilts?

  2. We used to have a marvelous fair exhibit for crafts and quilts and other arts … The new fair in town is focused on rides and food and events … So we no longer attend. The old fair moved too far away … Sigh.

    Thanks for sharing these today!

  3. I miss a good county fair!!! By good I mean, showcasing local talent (the arts, crafts, foods (baked and grown), school arts, photography -the food by local groups as fundraisers… and some of the midway (mostly the lights and smells). What I don't miss is the sales pitches (by local businesses), the high priced food vendors and basically the outright commercialization… of summer fun!!! Glad you had a good time.

  4. THANK YOU Wanda ! I am so happy you went out to the Fair. AND took the photo's in my favorite building. I will study those photo's for days… We hope to make it back next year and it will be at Fair time for sure. We had the weather you should have had all 5 days. My sister told me it rained a couple days and attendance was down those days but Saturday and Sunday made for it.

    Again thank you… JJM

  5. What a pleasant surprise to see my T-shirt quilt in the middle of your picture !!! Thank you, Wanda!! I agree, it's my favorite building at the fair, too ! So much wonderful needlework to look at !

  6. Lots of lovely photos, thanks for sharing these. We used to have fairs like this when I was a child in England, happy memories. I love the first quilt on the LH side of your post it looks one of the Judy Neimeyer patters I think.

  7. I have heard about your fair from Pat Redden. I believe that she worked the building with the quilts this year. It is funny that you posted the witches hat as I just brought out mine. It is a pattern by Crab apple Hill Studios. I also have a large pumpkin that has patchwork and embroidery on it. Fall is here, I guess. Love all the items you have listed.

  8. I take it you haven't entered any of your quilts? I don't make quilts for competition, and usually don't hang on to them long enough to put them in a show, but if I did, my sense is that security at County Fairs is so lax that I wouldn't want to trust any of my quilts to a show like that. Just for my own peace of mind.
    Whenever I go to the fair, I always have my now 13 year old side-kick along, and she has zero interest in the “floral hall” exhibits, so I usually miss them. Instead I've been forced to hang out in the midway while she enjoys all the rides which I detest. I'm thinking next year will be the time for a compromise!
    I love the witch' shattering!

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