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Today’s post is part 2; part 1 was yesterday.  If you didn’t read it yet, go back here.

CandT kindly sent me a copy of this book so I could review it when I posted about Joen’s article in “The Quilt Life”.

As I said yesterday I own a lot of Joen’s books  because she has a way of explaining color that everyone can understand.  This new book is wonderful with lots of quilt photos in the galleries.

My favorite part of the book is her descriptions and explanations about why each of the quilts was successful.  So many people ask me if there are patterns for my quilts when in reality they just need an explanation of why the colors and values worked so well.  I learn so much from these explanations because color and value is intuitive with me, not from a formal education about it.

I love this chapter.    Joen explains in easy to understand words how to choose one of nature’s color schemes for a successful quilt.

I have people telling me all the time that my colors make a pattern work well when really it is Value that is making it work.  This chapter helps the reader to understand the uses of value.

Notice the bar across the middle with 2 colors in it.  They are the colors Joen is discussing but the top and bottom row show many value changes in each color.  Most people forget that red goes all the way from pink to burgundy and if you were supposed to choose a red/green combination, they would choose middle tones of each instead of thinking pink/lime green or burgundy/green.  There are all kinds of helpful color studies throughout the book to illustrate her points.

If you don’t have a good book about color and value, luminosity and luster, transparency and color temperature, you may want to consider buying this one.  You might learn to love a color you never considered using before.  Check with your local quilt shop to see if they have it in stock.  


13 thoughts on “Book review…………

  1. Your readers might be interested to know that there's an on-line class offered by which Joen Wolfram teaches. It's called Color Play for Quilters. Included in the course materials is a huge down-loadable book (148 pages), which might be a version of the book you mentioned. I've taken the course and loved it.

  2. I have her first “Color Play” book and the portable “Color cards” that go with it and used it as a reference and bibliography when I have taught the “Exploring Color” class. It was a wonderful resource-congrats on your inclusion in this one-what a fabulous quilt!

  3. Thanks for taking time to review the book. I by no means have the color sense that you have, but I'm not bad with colors, and like you, it's intuitive with me. I'm a lawyer by training, have absolutely no arts education, never studied color theory, and in fact have a really hard time retaining any of it when I try to read about color. The words – like hue, tint, shade, etc – just don't mean anything to me and I keep forgetting what they mean! Much to my aggregation. I have friends, in my guild, who are excellent at explaining colors and who can give long explanations of why certain colors work and others don't in a given setting, and why a certain color would work better for sashing/border or whatever. Generally, I can just see whether it works, though perhaps I would be more creative if I knew more theory – I don't know.
    I do know that I very much enjoy reading about and studying the works of people who have great sense of color and who are not afraid to experiment with and use all the colors of the rainbow – especially the bright and saturated ones. People like yourself.
    So I'm glad to know about this book. Not that I need another book. I already have quite a little pile of books I've purchased and haven't yet taken the time to read or study carefully. I've flipped through them, but don't want to file them in the book case until I've spent more time with them, for fear I'll forget to get them back out.
    I also need to cancel subscriptions to some of the too many quilt magazines I get, and concentrate on the ones I really appreciate. There are some new ones popping up, especially “modern” quilting magazines, which are much more interesting than the very traditional ones I'm getting – and wasting my time on.

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