Published again……….

Photo by Larry Sefton

I’m pretty sure this is the photo they used but I don’t have a copy of the magazine yet.  Two people have sent me photos of the page in the magazine.  The back story on this quilt:  I made the quilt top in 2007.  In 2010 Julie Sefton contacted me and wondered if it was for sale.  We agreed on a price and I sent it to her.  She had it quilted beautifully by Chris Ballard.  In March this year I was contacted by Joen Wolfrom to see if she could use a photo of it in an article she was writing for “The Quilt Life”, the magazine created by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson and published by Meredith Schroeder (AQS).  I contacted Julie and asked if she could take some photos since the only one I had was before it was quilted.  Her husband Larry has quite a set up for taking photos so he was up for the task.  They sent me copies of all of the photos that they submitted.

Here is a photo of the page in the magazine that Julie took with her phone so I could see it.

If you don’t know who Joen Wolfrom is, she is the ultimate expert on color and design and using it in quilts.  I have used her books in my classes many times as a  reference for use of color, value, etc.

I have most of Joen’s books and actually met her many years ago at our quilt guild.  One of my books (Landscapes & Illusions 1990) is autographed.

Joen’s newest book was released this year.  I’ll do a review of the new book tomorrow so this post won’t get too long.


36 thoughts on “Published again……….

  1. Congratulations. What a gorgeous quilt. I have two of Joen Wolfrom's books and her Color Tool. I was lucky at a quilt festival and met her when she was alone in her booth, she was very “simpatica” and helpful.

  2. Wow Wanda!!! What a wonderful opportunity for so many to be able to see and appreciate your beautiful work! That quilt is one of my favorites of yours and it is great to see it get the attention it (and you!) deserves!!! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks Wanda for sharing your latest publication. It truly is magnificent quilt to have in that magazine. Your designs have always been magical. You are a master of color.


  4. I really needed to see something that beautiful today. It brought tears to my eyes. Recovering from a bad spate of migraines and the infusion chemicals they gave me to break it. Hope the magazine is still available so I can buy one. Can't wait for the book review.

  5. Congratulations, Wanda. So nice to have your talents recognized. And I wouldn't have known Joen by name but I do have one of her books too – great resource.

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