A little sewing time…………

It is time for the free monthly brush pick up again next week so I spent time outside yesterday.  My burning bush has needed cutting back for several years so now it is done.  My neighbor mowed my front yard on Sunday when it was steamy hot so I mowed the back and side yards yesterday while it was less humid.

Last night I finished the vertical seams and started the cross row seams on this quilt.  I also spent a half hour quilting on the spin wallhanging.

I tried a couple multicolor fabrics as possible border choices.  I’m wondering if I will need a print that is mostly one color instead.  As soon as I get the rest of the cross rows sewn I’ll be able to put it up on a design wall and do the auditions.


7 thoughts on “A little sewing time…………

  1. I think picking out borders is hard. I pull out a lot of fabric and end up going to a fabric store. Of course, I don't have your inventory. Today, I have to pick out a binding for a comfort quilt that someone is waiting for. Pressure.

  2. I'm a reader from Florida, USA and I enjoy your blog very much. I think you need a plain strip, possible black between your wonderfully riotous top and any border you should choose. Without it the top looks like it is fighting with the border. Judy queenmamala@hotmail.com

  3. I really like the 'possible' fabric you selected to post today for the border. It brings out so many of the colors in the blocks. . . Will you be going to the Fair ? Wish we could be there.


  4. I agree that you'll need to get the top finished and up on your design wall so you can get a better look at your auditions before you can make a decision. I think, that the right multicolored print will look fantastic, though I have no idea what “the right” print is. Have you considered a thinner “solid” border first and then a wide multicolored final border?

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