Starting a layout……..

I have more than half of the blocks made so I thought I would put them up on the design wall and see if there is anything I would change.  I think I might cut a couple more stripe fabrics as I’m getting bored with this same variety being used over and over.  This is not the final layout…..I need to move it to a double design wall after my art quilters group leaves this afternoon and I will need to mix in any new stripes that I add.


18 thoughts on “Starting a layout……..

  1. You were concerned earlier about those yellow blocks being too bright, but I think that they are providing a nice unifying element. There are so many different colors and movements in the squares, the yellow gives the eyes a resting place!

  2. Maybe it's just me or the picture but I would change placement or eliminate the lightest ones, esp'ly the gray one in the middle of the third row. Love the stripes. And, did you try setting everything on the diagonal? I wonder how that would look. Fun to see! Thanks!

  3. Oh it tis beauteous! I like the light squares-gives it interest and some pop factor-although your quilts always have the pop factor-you are a pop corn machine!

  4. This has the Wow factor truly, but I agree with Stephanie, the pale grey distracts just a little, maybe because it is nearer the centre, and next to those startling flowers, and Yellow, such a good choice for the cornerstones, and as always, ditto to other comments, your quilts always ” POP” Hugs,Jean

  5. Love this quilt! The gold really makes the squares pop. These blocks just scream to be set on point, IMHO. BTW, I am a new reader, and will be watching your blog! Lovely!

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