Starting to sew………..

I start sewing the 6.5″ squares and a 2″ x 6.5″ sashing strip together.  I sewed 12 blocks in the first group last night.

Then I sew 2″ cornerstones onto 2″ x 6.5″ sashing strips.

Then I sewed the cornerstone/sashing strip combination to the top edge of a sashing strip/6.5″ square combination.  Now I can play with layouts since when they come together the sashing is complete except at ends of rows and on the bottom edge.  As soon as I confirm a layout I’ll add the end of row sashing and cornerstones to the last block in each row.  I’ll do the same for the bottom edge of the blocks in the bottom row.  

As I look at it I’m thinking the gold makes it pretty bright.  Maybe I should have done lots of colors for cornerstones.  


17 thoughts on “Starting to sew………..

  1. I love this quilt. I like the gold cornerstones, I think one color for the cornerstones adds definition to the layout when all of the striped sashings are different.

  2. If you used Multi colored squares, you would have to be real careful on placement because they could blend in with the surrounding pieces and you would lose the cornerstones. I wonder if black would have worked? Looks stunning.

  3. Wanda, when I saw the photo with gold cornerstones, I thought they really sparked it up. I love them!
    I'll see it in person tomorrow.
    Mary G.

  4. If there was only one color yellow in that fabric then I have some and it is not so bright as in the photo apart from which I love it anyway. This quilt is just so cheerful it made me smile. What a glorious combination of fabric and you seem to have a lot of striped fabric which is fun!

  5. Wanda, I think your choice of gold, is spot on and love the way the quilt makes me smile. You are a master at knowing just what colors make it work, and every time you share a photo of your batik stash, I get green with envy, but wait, maybe that green is because I've been down with the flu for 3 days, and naturally look that way. Even the loss of 5 pounds doesn't make me feel any better since it will just come right back after I begin eating again. At least I'm able to hold down fluids and dry toast, so that's a good sign. Yeah! How about all the rain we've gotten? We really needed it and am thankful for it. My DH left at the height of the storm to go to Walmart and buy me some Gatorade. What a guy!

  6. Like everyone else-I do like those cornerstones. Can anything really be too bright? I think it adds continuity. Beautiful quilt-thanks for the tip-I am quite sure I would have made it more difficult to add the sashings and stones.

  7. I love the fabrics you have chosen for the sashing and corner stones. It's going to be beautiful. Thanks for writing how you attach both. Do you have a pressing system that makes the seams nest?

  8. LOVE the GOLD, you couldn't have chosen a better color. Your fabrics needed a strong cornerstone otherwise they would have faded away. We wouldn't have even seen them if you had used multi colors. And awesome piece do not change it one bit.


  9. golden yellow is bright, and one colour fits in with the multi blocks and sashing, what a great way to add the cornerstones to sashing then to the block, you are a whizz at wonderful ways, and sharing with us, many thanks. Cheers, Jean.

  10. Red seems to be the most unifying color. Might set some red squares on top and see what you think. However, red squares would recede.

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