Continuing on……..

I’m still sewing cross seams on this quilt.  I get about 2 a day done and there are 12 seams.

Quilting continues on the first spin wallhanging.  I’m about a third done with it.

Meanwhile the vacuuming is done in the basement and 2 tables are cleaned off.

We got a little rain overnight into yesterday morning.  I went out to check the rain gauge, a little less than a tenth of an inch, and checked the tomatoes at the same time.  This is my second big Brandywine Pink tomato.  I gave the first one to a friend so I don’t know if they taste any different than the others.  We got another shower, again a little less than a tenth of an inch.  Areas around us got 2-4″.


5 thoughts on “Continuing on……..

  1. I just love that spin quilt! The blue green quilt is coming along quickly!

    It didn't rained yesterday, but on Wednesday it poured. Between Tuesday night and Wednesday we got between 1 and 1.5″. It is unusual to see green lawns. Usually by August everyone's yard is burnt out and brown!

  2. Just to let you know I have been checking in daily this week. Always enjoy seeing how much you accomplish. Plus what is going on in your gardens.


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