A couple side-tracks………..

 I got a new book, so I had to take time to glance through it.  Then it was time to go to lunch with friends and then to stop at an antique and collectibles store.

When we came back to my house we looked for more Monarch caterpillars and there weren’t any but later in the evening I went out and there was a new one.  It is smaller than the ones I saw in previous days.

The stems near the top of the Swamp Milkweed were covered with little orange wiggly things.  I looked it up on the Internet and they are Aphids.  One article said they will suck the life out of the plant and that guy just hoses them off with water.  I’ll take another look this morning and decide what to do about them.


17 thoughts on “A couple side-tracks………..

  1. Whenever I have picked up a Kaffe book, after looking at it, I put it back. They always seems so complicated and difficult. Always done the most slow way possible. Always love, love the fabric.

  2. It is always something messin' with our plans in the garden! I have heard that soapy water will discourage the aphids. It had been so hot here or raining like cats and dogs that I have not checked on my plants. My zinnias have gotten so tall! In the last couple of day we have gotten at least 2″ of rain so they are loving it!

  3. I'm afraid I can't remember the remedy but on BBC Radio 4 Gardeners'Quesion Time one of the panel is obsessed by aphids! The soapy water sounds right though. I too wonder about the methods of construction used in Kaffe's books. I do know from an interview on his website that he doesn't ever piece them himself.

  4. Aphids are nicknamed “ant cows” because (as I found on google): “Many kinds of aphid secrete a sweet substance called honeydew, prized as food by ants, flies, and bees.” They also suck the juices out of your plants, but if you can avoid it, don't kill all of them — leave some to provide “milk” for the ants, flies, and bees!

  5. Wanda, just wanted to tell you that I always learn something new from your blog, even if it's learning how to deal with the aphids on your Milkweed. I must admit that I've never seen this variety of aphid before, just the ones that love our roses, and they are white. Thanks so much for the gardening lesson. Sitting here enjoying the rain we've been waiting for.

  6. I love Kaffe Fasset and his books and fabric are just fabulous. However the latest book I bought had no quilts I was interested in. That is very strange for me. I saw a quilt with his pattern hanging from the ceiling of Hancock's of Paducah last year and can't find that pattern. It was diamonds and I want to make it someday.

  7. Aphids are easily removed with a jet of water from the hose. I learned that trick decades ago when I lived in sunny California and had a rose garden (30+ plants!) that was the envy of the neighborhood. With the lack of humidity the roses never got any of the humidity related diseases such as black spot. Water and fertilizer was all they needed. Aphids were the only problem and it was a minor one. I never use chemicals on my garden and this was an easy solution. Guess you would have to be careful not to knock off the caterpillars in the process.

  8. Unless the aphids are all over the milkweed, I'd just enjoy their “dance”. I had a butterfly weed that was a milkweed. The aphids were the same yellow as the flower centers. It looks like they're dancing. I tried getting rid of them wirh a soap spray using Murphy's oil soap. I finally gave up. Just a good spray of water is what I finally used. They don't seem to actually bother the plant unless the are all over it. Odd aphids.

    I love your blog and your love of color. Your cobblestone series are my favorites.

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