30 blocks and flower pots………….

I sewed 30 blocks last night so now I have 119 done and I can start playing on the design wall later today.

I have some favorite plants in my pots this year that I want to remember for next year.  I love this spotted leaf plant and the double petunias.

Of course I’ll want to repeat the lime green sweet potato plant.  I will put it in a taller planter next year though.

This is 3 small wintered over Coleus plants.  I thought maybe I wouldn’t winter over so much this year, but after seeing this pot, I know I will.

I was a little disappointed that the wave petunias didn’t do better in this 3 tier planter.  The plant to the lower left though is a winner.  I need to go out and read the tags and make notes of the ones I like best.

 Sharon W, if you are reading this….you are a ‘no reply’.  You can fix that by going to your profile and putting a check mark in front of “show my email address” and then scroll down and SAVE.  I took photos to show the basting set up and procedure and will post them tomorrow.  I label each post and there is a label on the Label List (right side bar) for basting.  I realize there are lots of posts tied to it and you have to scroll back many pages to see where I have shown this before.  By updating it tomorrow it will be at the top of the list and easier to find.


12 thoughts on “30 blocks and flower pots………….

  1. I love how fresh and colorful your plants are. In our area, things are well past their prime and struggling due to heat and drought. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Hi, Wanda! I'm anxious to see how those quilt blocks come together. Is that a coleus at the top of the sweet potato vine pic—it seems to have little tabs around the edges? LOVE that! Have to watch for one in Colorado next spring.

  3. I enjoyed your post today and it made me smile because I am thinking the same thoughts as you as to what I want in my planters for next year. My wave petunia's are a big disappointment to me this year also. I have one that went wild and took over the barrel planter. 3 others that just up and died out. My sister thought I needed to add some soil pep next year. Your plants always looks so glorious.


  4. I can't wait to see your blocks on your design wall. This is the first year I planted coleus and thanks for the idea of wintering over. I am definitely going to do that.

  5. I didn't know you could over winter coleus. Do you just bring them in? I have a great pot of them so will try it. Can't wait to see the design wall. I love your colors in the blocks.

  6. The plant on the lower left is a Bacopa. It comes in white, pink and lavender. We love it here for our pots. My husband also started the wave petunias from seeds he saved from last years plants. They're expensive to buy, so he's gotten good at saving seeds.

  7. You don't even have to put these blocks on the design wall for me to tell this quilt is a winner. Just wish I were ready to start one with my green and purple fabrics right now! Unfortunately, I have too many other WIPs that need my attention first – primarily because several of them are joint projects, and others are awaiting my input so they can continue their work.

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