Need a night project……..

I miss having a night project to sew on while I watch Netflix. During the daytime I need to be working on finishing the spin block wallhangings.  I pulled out this assortment of 6.5″ squares which I cut a few years ago.  They are not batiks.  There are 74 here and I have another 93 squares that are duplicates of some of them.  I can make it 11 squares by 15 squares (66″ x 90″) with them.  

Vicki Welsh is making a version of this quilt with batiks.  See it here.  As much as I would like to do it in batiks, I need to use these squares that I have already cut.  The skinny strip is cut 1″ so you basically can slice the square anywhere you want, sew the 1″ strip in with an accurate 1/4″ seam and you will still have a 6.5″ square.

This is the book that the inspiration quilt (above) is in.  All I need to do now is decide what fabrics will be cut into the 1″ strips to insert in the blocks.  I have a few ideas to try today. 


15 thoughts on “Need a night project……..

  1. Wanda, at first glance, I thought your fabrics were batiks. I think the quilt is beautiful and look forward to seeing yours when it is finished. I checked to see if the Prairie Cat system at the Yorkville library has the book available, and I was able to order it. Since the library that stocks it is very close, it should arrive at the Yorkville library in a few days for me to pick up.
    Again, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. This is so odd, I just bought this book at Tuesday Mornings two days ago. I love the colorful quilts and really like the one you are working on. Guess it is calling my name ?

  3. I love Blue Underground designs! I found that very book at Tuesday Morning for $4.99. I need to root around for the BU patterns I tore out of back issues of the late Quilt magazine and clip them into the book. (And, oh, yes, I have a couple of BU patterns-in-plastic sleeves.) How many BU quilts have I made? None! But I am ready if inspiration pushes me.

  4. Thanks for giving us the measurements. While it could be almost any size, I think it will be fun to do the sizes (of blocks and insert) you specify. I'm going to make one!

  5. I love how this quilt is coming together so far! I saw your later post about it and thought it reminded me of Blue Underground. They came and spoke at a quilt camp I went to a few years ago and I was so inspired by their quilts, but I haven't tried one yet. I will have to try to find that book, too.

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