A question from "no reply"………..

A couple days ago a person without an email link (a/k/a “no reply”) asked me how many quilt tops I had waiting to be finished.

This is group 1 hanging from a pipe in the basement.

This is group 2 hanging on a garment rack.

Here is group 3 hanging from another pipe in the basement.  I will just say there are less than 50…………

There are 3 that aren’t shown here, the 2 spin wallhanging tops which are laying with their backings and the Northwind made from 6″ blocks which is up on a design wall.


36 thoughts on “A question from "no reply"………..

  1. I am impressed. As far as I am concerned, a finished quilt top is like money in a savings account. All that beauty just waiting for the quilting. Think of all that your have tried, conquered, and gotten better and better at. In a Malcolm Gladwell book, The Tipping Point, he talks about the thousands of hours top people in their field need to invest to be a master of their field; there is no substitute or shortcut. All those quilts have honed you into a top master quilter.

  2. I am just laughing, how wonderful – all that Exuberant Color just waiting there to pop out of closets or off the pipe. You can never have too much fabric and now it looks like you can never have too many quilt tops either! Now we don't need to worry about you running out of blog material, this really takes the pressure OFF!

  3. That was me – I'm sorry I thought replies would go to my Google account. But I'm glad you shared, others are enjoying your answer too! I'm impressed, I actually thought you'd have even more UFOs. I struggle with having too many unfinished tops and I'm just a beginner. Now you could share what you do with your orphan blocks 🙂 You do beautiful work. Thanks for your post.

  4. I have always loved your colors and ideas that you share. I love all the quilt tops. My daughters have said they would rather deal with unquilted tops than quilts in pieces so I feel good about the tops in my cupboard, although I have finished alot in the last year since my son died. Quilting was my therapy.

  5. Some of my friends are surprised that I would start a quilt when the first one is not finished! I just smile. I do cut the back and make the binding and store them together, so that it's easier to pull one out without needing to make those decisions.

  6. Wanda I have a question about yardage and your stash. I have bought plenty of fabric over the years and I am kind of short on light/contrast. I am good on brights and darks. How much or how many yards do you buy when planning a project? I also short myself on backing frequently. You are my daily inspiration a long time ago while reading Sally Bramald's blog.

  7. OMG! That's so amazing. So glad that answer was shared. I never would've thought of asking and never would've dreamed you had that many. It would never happen to me, because I don't quilt my own but send them out. And I almost always have a purpose for my quilts, an intended recipient, so they have to get done so I can give them away! And I'm rarely ahead of schedule. I'd love to have lots of quilts I were just making because I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, I rarely make a quilt other than because I want to, but then I also give it away. I keep only a very few of the quilts I make – and even some of them I end up giving away later sometimes!

  8. Nice selection to choose from when you are ready to quilt them!! What a lovel riot of color for inspiration—you have been finishing them at a pretty good rate. Fun, fun, fun~~~~~~

  9. love it. I dont worry about finishes. when the mood strikes me I will quilt or bind or whatever and it is nice to have them on hand to finish. quilting is a creative process and you cant rush creativity right? I tell hubs that all the time LOL

  10. I am so happy you showed us all your quilt tops as I was feeling guilty about mine. I do not have near as many as you but I don't quilt as much as you do either. Your quilts are so beautiful, I just love your blog.

  11. I'm showing your post to my dear hubby who is always asking me when I'm going to finish the quilt I'm working on at the time. I have WAY fewer than you do, so thanks for making me look good!! LOL!

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