July recap….

I only had one total finish for July.  I have 2 so close, quilted but no binding yet so I’ll have 2 for sure for August.

I completed three tops, all of the circles appliqued on the spin blocks and then sewn together into two tops.  They are 40.5″ square.  The little colorwash is 19.25″ square.  Hopefully they will be finishes for August too.

Hand appliqueing the circles wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be so I shouldn’t have procrastinated for so many months.  The fabric for the circles is cotton woven in one direction (green) and metallic thread (red) woven the other direction.  The edges pressed under really crisply.


12 thoughts on “July recap….

  1. It's fun to look at the spin blocks especially those that had a fabric with some stripes which gives it a circle affect from a distance. I'm always intrigued with fabrics that give an added boost to the quilts.

  2. It has been a treat to see all your posts this week. And your one completed quilt for July is wonderful. You complete more quilts, that most of us do not complete in a life time.

    I wondered if you had to clip the edges around those circles in oder to make such a perfect circle. Knowing now about the metallic fiber in the fabric explains why you would not have had to clip the edges… you achieved such awesome precision.


  3. Love what you've done – regardless of whether it's completely finished. And, love thst your blog no longer makes me prove that I'm not a robot every time I post a comment!

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