Selecting backing……..

I finally got the other blocks sewn together.  All of the edges are bias so it is going to take some care to keep them square when I baste them.  The next task is to choose the backing.  I want to use the same on both so I pulled out some large yardage pieces.  I’m going to keep looking since I’m not sure about either of these.

The one on the left is soft colors.  The background is a gray-green.

The one on the right is wild.  I can’t see using it for anything but a back.  I have some of the wider Kaffe fabrics that are a little heavier weight and they would make these wallhangings really stable.  I need to find them today.


8 thoughts on “Selecting backing……..

  1. softer grey-green??mmm, or wild and stunning, YES.. It is maybe the most bright fabric I have seen in a piece from your collection yet, love it. Cheers, Jean

  2. I'm terrible at backs! If it's for a wall hanging, especially, I never want to “waste” any nice fabric! And in general, when I've finally gotten so far, I just want to get done that I want to spend as little time as possible worrying about the back. Nevertheless, I often end up piecing the back of leftovers from the top – which, of course, takes a lot more time than selecting a separate piece of yardage would have. Again, though, I don't want to “waste” my bigger pieces just on a back! It's so silly, I know it, but can't entirely get past it.

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