Kite blocks……

I decided to sew the kite blocks together since they were just my samples to test out the GO die.  I think I will put a stripe sashing between the blocks and a border around and make a table runner.  They are 8″ blocks.

We are going to be making more preemie layettes at church sewing circle so I washed some new flannel.  I got this one on sale and they only had a yard of it.  I will probably make the extra small size gown from it.  I shared the pattern over a year ago here (scroll down to end of post).


8 thoughts on “Kite blocks……

  1. I guess I should've known that you also sew clothes! Good for you! Ever since I started making quilts, I've had a mental block against sewing anything else, even things that are a lot easier to make – like pot holders, totes, ans table runners. While I might be able to get started on a project like that, I have a mental block against finishing it – a ton of procrastination, and more excuses. So I'm always much more impressed than is probably really warranted,when others accomplish such things!

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