Sewing it together…..

I made a few changes on the colorwash and then it was time to sew it together.  I took down column 1 and 2 and brought them to the machine and placed them right sides together and sewed.

Then I brought column 3 over and opened up 1&2 and placed 3 on it and continued from top to bottom. 

Here I am adding column 7 to 1-6.

 Here are the 6 columns waiting to be added.

 Finally I have all of the stitching done from top to bottom and the rows are held together by the threads between them as I sewed a continuous line.

Rows are sewn the other way and it is finished.  Now I need to layer and baste it.

Below is the photo from yesterday when I said it need some work on the left side.  You can compare them and see the changes I made.



13 thoughts on “Sewing it together…..

  1. I've used your method of putting blocks together a few times now, Wanda, and just love it. Works like a charm – thanks. Lovely fabrics, lovely quilt.

  2. I saw Kimberley Jolly on the Fat Quarter shop make a nine patch like that which seemed brilliant as she didn't get stuff out of order and now I see that I must try this and get it into my toolbox! I love the colour wash, is it all Kaffe Fassett fabric?

  3. oh Wanda ~ How I wish I could design a color wash as quickly as you or even a fourth as fast I would be happy. Your finished piece is just perfect ! Love it.


  4. It's beautiful, Wanda! I never tire of watching you put these together. Love the webbing method of sewing blocks together. Never thought to use it on such a LARGE project until your color class in Charlotte a couple years ago.

  5. I use exactly the same method of sewing large numbers of blocks together. In my guild, we call it “Peggy's method,” because a member, named Peggy, of course, learned it first and taught everybody else.
    Love the way your color wash turned out after a little tweaking.

  6. At first I was looking at your changes thinking it was the new one at the bottom. I'm glad it wasn't, as you did a wonderful job changing it to be so pleasing to the eye. Also, thought that was interesting how you sewed it in a continuous string of thread, so you could reposition them easily after sewing. I'll have to try that sometime. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  7. HI Wanda, I never quite know with this method how to iron the vertical seams. I guess the seams in the rows are pressed to one side and then the other but how do you press the rows?
    I love watching your blog, thank you

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