Another one basted…….

Every time I went down to the basement yesterday I put in a few lines of basting and by early evening it was done.  I plan to start quilting it today.

 Last night I sewed the binding onto the star quilt and started the hand stitching.  I got one and a half sides done.

The weather was heavenly yesterday, in the 70s with a nice breeze through the house.  Today will be a little warmer but still low humidity.


13 thoughts on “Another one basted…….

  1. I think today we maybe will have to shut the house up. We have had it open for two days and enjoyed it. Your moving along at great speed. I'm sure it feels good to be getting things done. Chris

  2. Your work sure looks pretty in the photo's you posted. Get ready for some heat. We have had 2 weeks now of temps in the 90's. If our weather moves east you will soon be toasty again.


  3. Clever idea for basting, would help keep the ones back from getting stiff!! Plus all the up and down stairs to get to it, a little bit at a time. Love the binding on the star quilt. Another beautiful quilt nearing the end!! Do you have another quilt in mind, when these are done??

  4. I love your Fractured Quilt. I just finished mine, except for the binding. I'm trying to figure out how your baste your quilts but can't figure it out. Do you spray baste, use pins, or thread ba/ Thanks. Sally

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