Sewing centers…..

I am finally appliqueing the centers on the Spin blocks.  I was going to do them by machine with monofilament thread and the pick stitch but I decided if it got off center by even a tiny bit, that wouldn’t be fun to rip out.  I started hand appliqueing and don’t like the thread color on the first one so I’ll pull that out.  I did 2 more with a better match of thread color.  Two down and 16 to go.

 I was a winner on Vicki Welsh‘s week of giveaways and I won the art glass soap dish and a bar of her handmade soap.

I just love them!!


15 thoughts on “Sewing centers…..

  1. These blocks are so pretty and will look nice when you get the centers all finished. I have done some machine applique, but hand work is always nicer.

  2. Your hand stitching must be pretty good, I used to be able to hand stitch, but doing computer graphics in the early years ruined my hand for fine work. The blocks are amazing. Of all of Vicki's giveaways, I loved the soap dish best. So glad you won it!

  3. Love those spin blocks! I am so jealous of that soap dish! I wanted to win, but I am glad you did and that you love the dish. My turn next time! LOL!

  4. What a beautiful soap dish you won…congratulations on your giveaway win! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt and love all the gorgeous colors you incorporate into your quilts. Have a good day.

  5. Wanda I don't know if you have ever tried using a small bit of one sided fusible on the back of your Spin blocks with the fusible facing up. I then place the circle where I want it and tap with the iron to hold it in place. It doesn't move when I hand stitch or machine stitch it down and I don't notice any difference in the appearance. Hope that makes sense. I usually cut the fusible in a square shape and just lay it all out on the ironing board. c

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