Due to popular request – Recipe……….

Here is the pan that I baked this dessert in.  I have 2 of them so I was able to make 16 little cakes.  The friend who gave me the recipe called it holiday squares.  I bake it year round, I don’t need a holiday!

Here is the recipe:
Cream together 1 1/2 cups sugar and 1 cup softened butter.

Add 4 eggs, one at a time, beating after each one.
Beat in 1 T. lemon juice

Blend in 2 c. flour.

Batter will be thick.  Recipe says spread in greased and floured 13″ x 9″ pan.  I used the pans pictured above and used the baking spray that has flour in it.
1 can cherry pie filling, about 4-5 cherries on top of each small pan or evenly spaced on 13″ x 9″ pan.  I then spoon all of the leftover liquid on top of each little cake.

Bake at 350 degrees, 45-50 min for 13″ x 9″ or 35 min. for little individual pans.

While still warm sprinkle with powdered sugar.

 I didn’t end up sewing at all because our rain held off until after midnight.  I was out cutting and pulling more huge weeds.  In one of my flower beds the birds planted a black raspberry bush.  I noticed it a few days ago and decided to inspect it a little closer.  That is a 5 oz. paper cup a little over half full.  I usually dig out all of the volunteer raspberry shoots in the fall but I missed this one.  Now I have to decide whether to leave it there and get scratched every time I work in that flower bed or just pull it out in the fall.  My neighbors behind me have the original bushes.


24 thoughts on “Due to popular request – Recipe……….

  1. I frequently learn something by reading your blog. I had never heard of black raspberries. They look just like blackberries to me. BUT, there is a difference even though they are the same family of plants.

  2. Wanda, thanks so much for posting your recipe. I'm guessing you had the same storm come through as we did, and it produced a beautiful light show as well. We had just shy of 2″, according to our rain gauge. If I'm remembering correctly, we've had close to 8 or more inches over the past 2 weeks. Your black raspberries look yummy, and I can remember 18 years ago, when we built our home in Yorkville, there were dozens of the bushes all over the back of our lot. At first it was something we enjoyed, having come from the city, but soon started evicting them from their homes on our property because of the thorns.

  3. with berries as big as that I might keep it – but it would depend on what was growing around it and did I really want a cup of berries now and then 🙂 I think the berries are harder to get rid of the longer you keep them

  4. I am catching up reading from being away from the computer for the extra long weekend I took. I will have to check to see if I kept any of those individual pans. I worked at a bakeware manufacturing plant and I use to drag home all kinds of pans! Congratulations on seven years! What a body of work you have produced! Wait until you see the pictures of my weeding at my brother's house. What a mess! I was so tired that I didn't get my own weeding and mowing done.

  5. Thank you for the recipe, I love baking and those little cherry cakes looks so good, can't wait till I try them. I do have one set of those little loaf pans as I bake quite a bit at the holidays and these are faster.

  6. Thanks for posting the recipe. I think I have what is needed to make these–cherries and cherry pie filling are staples in my kitchen! And I have some small loaf pans as well. The idea of having all the edges on each piece sounds delicious. And I, too, thought those looked like what we call blackberries in Texas. We love them but got rid of our canes several years ago.Produced so much we could not keep up–even with calling neighbors to come pick. So now I just buy at the market or grocery store and save the scratched up arms!

  7. Forgot to tell you when I was growing up, we got to choose what we wanted for our birthday dessert. I never chose cake, always a cherry pie! Still do! And I have 5 grandchildren–they love cherry anything as well.

  8. Thank you so much for the recipe! Those look so delicious!
    We had the same storm in the middle of the night – huge light and sound show here.
    I'd be keeping the raspberry bush just so I could have the berries to eat.

  9. I don't cook or bake, and I don't garden, but with all due respect, those berries look like blackberries. Where I come from, raspberries are red. Just saying.

  10. I'm going to try this recipe, it looks delicious. Do the small size freeze well? I don't have those pans but I like someone else's idea of individual servings in muffin tins.

  11. Like a little quilt square, your cakes in pan together… I am pretty safe from baking in the summer because the hot will get too hot! Good thing too…because if I made those I wouldn't be asking questions like how long they keep or if they freeze well!
    Happy sewing and baking and gardening…

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