First tomato………..

That is a teaspoon my first tomato is sitting in…..a grape tomato.  It is so cute… I hope there will be many more soon.

I got a new batik yesterday.  It is actually deeper and richer colors than the photo shows.  

I got all but 4 of the 53 quilts and tops from my program put away yesterday.  There are a few workshop things to put away and the house will be back in order.  

 I’m not sure of the name of this wild flower.  They are all over my flower beds and I didn’t plant one of them.

Here is a whole group of them.  The whole plant dies before the end of summer.

Another thing I have a lot of is Sneezeweed.  I thought my friend was kidding when he called it that, but since then I have read about it having that name.

This is a close up of one of the flowers.  This has planted itself in many places too.  It is about 4 feet tall.  We had about 3 times the normal amount of rain in June so everything is tall and strong this year.  

I read that the Japanese beetles were probably killed off over the winter because our freeze line was so deep.


17 thoughts on “First tomato………..

  1. That blue flower is called, Creeping Bellflower. It is a weed and sends roots out to produce new plants. The first year they are just leaves. But the second year they grow tall and produce these bell flowers. Even though they seem to die back after blooming, the damage is already done. The roots have started many new plants. I have been battling this weed in my flower beds for over 30 years. And they still keep coming back.

  2. bummer on the weed identification (above). I hope the June Bugs have the same fate here! The freeze last winter was also long and hard here, and they claim that many of the 'stink bugs' did not make it through the winter! YAY! I don't think you have them up there yet, but you don't want them!

  3. Even if they are a weed, if they are pretty at least that's something.
    Hooray for the first tomato! Mine are a long way off, I didn't buy a cherry this year. They are doing well, though, and blooming so hopefully they will begin setting on soon.

  4. There is nothing like the first tomatoes!!! I hope many more will follow.

    That is a great batik – so many wonderful colors in it.

    That is definitely a blessing about the brutal winter you had this year. The flowers sound and look so lush with all of the rain too. Wish we had some of it.

  5. Yes I agree, that is the cutest lil tomato and I bet it was the sweetest also. The batik is absolutely, stunning. Just love it…Always a treat to see a tour of your gardens.


  6. Aren't volunteer flowers the best? I have snowdrops in my yard that were never planted (right in the middle of the lawn). Make me smile.
    I've seen that blue flower here in CA, too. Love blue flowers. (Chicory is my favorite blue flower. It bravely grows where so many “real” flowers would not.) Thanks, but no thanks to the sneeze weed. I'd rid myself of that one, but untouched you might like the look of the flowers and keep them – if the pollen stays away from you.
    Sometimes the weather is a friend… we in CA would love to have your excess rain.

  7. I have sneezeweed! Didn't know what it was until right now. Mine hasn't bloomed yet but it is getting tall.
    I hope you are right about the beetles, too. Maybe the moles will go somewhere else to eat and we won't have to get rid of them this summer (YUCK!)

  8. I think your bout plant is called a Canterbury Bell, at least that is what I know it is aI have some in my garden. Your new batik is amazing, not seen this one in the shops so far

  9. The new batik is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with it. I also love the orange fabric you're considering for the backing. Is that a Kaffe Fassett? Don't you just love his fabrics? I have a 31 FQ bundle of his that I'm still in the touch and feel stage with, but am looking for the right pattern to use it on.
    Hope your 4th. of July is special.

  10. We called them bluebells when we were growing up, but I think we actually had the English Bluebell variety. There are many different bluebells, but I have never heard them called “weeds” before. Sounds like yours are invasive, maybe why.

    Love your colorful quilt style. Just found your blogs today, will have to be following them now. I'm a new quilter, so will have to be careful not to try any too difficult; been there, done that, not very successfully or happily. Now I want to be choosier until I have more experience. 🙂

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