Resting day…..

I made a feeble attempt to clean off the cutting table, but when I found this little stack of 1″ wide strips I decided to play with them instead.  I didn’t do much yesterday, paid bills, shopped for birdseed and groceries, knitted a bit.  Toward evening I decided to go out and start trimming my 2 forsythia bushes because brush pick up date is coming soon.  I chopped off lots of long branches since both bushes are really big.  I know I can cut them all the way down to 18″ and they will come back fine.  Today I need to put away all of the quilts and quilt tops that I took to my program and to the workshop Saturday.  Then I can decide what I am working on next.


10 thoughts on “Resting day…..

  1. Glad to hear you “played”after so much hard work. What I would like to know is how you choose which 1″strip to join to the next one, picking them up randomly? Picking up the next one that looks good next to what you have already done? Sorting them out before you even start?

  2. I, too, find it great fun to find little bits. I just came back from a one-week class, and had a big of bits and pieces from my projects. So it was time for a little detour to make a tiny (9 x 12) strippy quilt from them.
    Adult ADD, I guess.
    Sally in Saint Paul

  3. I'm always amazed at how much you achieve each month.

    Thanks to you, I have been knitting a few dishcloths too recently. Quite nice to do in the evening in front of TV.

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