I’m still here………

I have been very consistent to post every morning at 5 a.m. (actually written around midnight and set to post at 5).  Last night I went to the computer to do my post, answered a few emails first, realized how tired I was and went to bed.  It wasn’t until 8:30 this morning that I realized I didn’t do a post.  So….I’m OK in case you wondered.  I always have a couple emails from concerned friends when my post isn’t there and I thank them for checking up on me.

All I had in photos was my retail therapy for June.  I took advantage of the 23% off sale at Canton Village Quiltworks last weekend and got a few new Australian fabrics.

There were some great light colored batiks that I needed.  She had 1/2 yard as the minimum purchase so that is mostly what I got.

I see the light lavender one sneaked into 2 photos….


13 thoughts on “I’m still here………

  1. This morning when I went to check posts and you were. It there, I did wonder if the heat got you. If you weren't there by the time I go back from church, I was going to send an email. I did some fabric therapy at a yard sale, but it turned out to be a bit of a sour experience due to hoarding by some people.

  2. I am an hour behind you and never get to my computer till mid morning . I would not have known any better if you had not mentioned you posted late today.

    Your new buys are so unique. You have a great eye when selecting. I think you quilt in your dreams too, don't you ?


  3. Glad all is well. Almost sent you an email before church, but decided you were a big girl and did not need me checking on you. We all enjoy our coffee and your blog each day.

  4. I was concerned for sure, but I've gotten so I wait a bit and hope no news is good news. If you hadn't posted by the time I got home from church and visiting my Dad, I would have emailed, mostly because you are always there in the mornings, the first thing I read after the weather. Glad all's well!

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