It took me until 11 p.m. last night to get this sewn together and I’m happy I stuck with it.  You might notice it is flipped end for end from what I have shown up to this point.  I consulted my art expert and she thought this was the winning orientation.  Below I have yesterday’s photo, also flipped so you can see where I made changes yesterday.  I replaced one block and repositioned a few others. 

 I thought the red ended too abruptly (bottom edge) in yesterday’s version.  I also didn’t like the pink/lavender block on the left.  The gold (top center) was too lopsided so that got changed a little.

These are the blocks that got pulled out in the last 2 days.

 Here are the triangles that were cut and didn’t get used.  

I will add this post to the HSTeria quilt along link (right side bar) on Friday.


20 thoughts on “Sewn……….

  1. For me, any orientation works. I see the orphan box will have some additions or new Mug Rugs waiting… and there will be some additions to the parts box as well (unused triangles). All in all a good day!!!

  2. The two photos show that indeed everything works (especially with batiks) but with a little thought they can work even better. Thanks for the mini-lesson!

    Also, thank you for showing the outtakes. (I'm sure we'll see them in a future project.)

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