Almost there……..

I have just a couple more changes to make and then I think I’ll be ready to sew this one together.  I made 8 new blocks yesterday and used 5 of them.  I think I need to make 3 more new blocks for specific areas.  I have included Friday’s photo below so you can compare the changes (if you want to).



11 thoughts on “Almost there……..

  1. It's amazing! I totally agree that the latest version is better. It's very interesting to compare the two photos, I see the differences, but they are quite elusive, and hard to pin down. I see them, but when I try to identify which blocks have been changed or moved, it's as if the differences slip away! I have to focus very hard to keep them in my mind's eye, and even so was able to pin down only two places in which distinct blocks which were different in the two pictures! Very well done. Love it.

  2. This is harder than you make it look, I am amazed at the differences a few blocks make and very interested in the whole process – what a good thing you have a huge stash!

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