I decided to work on the other quilt yesterday instead of making any decisions on the Northwind blocks.  The 1″ (finished size) strips are so cute!  I have all of the background pieces cut now and have just 2 more colors to cut. 

I mowed a little over half of my yard last night after 7:30.  It had cooled down a little but was still humid.  It is supposed to be hotter today and Sunday.  The grass in the backyard doesn’t grow as fast because there is more shade so it can wait a few days.


11 thoughts on “Switching……

  1. those are so cute!!! I have hit a road block in my sewing… but I will struggle through… Its that I can't decide which way to go in the process…. so I'll think on it today.

  2. Sometimes I have to take a break from a project in order to let it simmer in the back of my mind.

    It's extremely hot and muggy here today too.

  3. This just goes to show how important it is to have more than one quilt in the making at any one time. I used to battle through from beginning to end but am now enjoying having at least 2 WIPs and any amount lined up with “quilt waiting”in my head! Seeing you struggle a little is very encouraging for a less experienced quilter like myself. Your blog is exemplary, just the right amount of information, clear pictures and large type. Bloglovin piles it up for me sometimes but I never miss a day on yours!

  4. I really love the color play of those 1″ strips and am thinking seriously of starting one when all the baby items are done for the new great grandchild due next month.
    Thanks so much for sharing your WIP.

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