Remember these blocks?  I am going to end up making two wallhangings and there are more blocks left over for a third project.  I have been dragging my feet on getting the center circles made and ready for appliqueing.  Two friends came over to sew yesterday so it was a perfect day to tackle it.

The fabric is green cotton woven one direction and red metallic in the other direction.  They are turned 2 different directions here.

It will be a challenge to get them all turned the same way on the wallhangings.

I have two circles left to prepare.


17 thoughts on “Circles……….

  1. Always fun to catch up with your posts. As usual you have kept busy and productive. Your mug rugs always make me smile. Two more dish clothes made with such pretty spring colors. And oh those peonies, such big and fluffy blossoms. And I agree, I would put your brilliant yellow prim rose in every garden also.

    We have been gone to Seattle for our Grand-daughters H.S. graduation. 700 in her class ! Graduation was held in the Tacoma Dome. LONG sitting for all those graduates to get their diploma's.


  2. I learned a neat way to fuse circles to sew down by stitching and gathering around template with fusible thread. learned it at a John Flynn retreat and it works slick.

  3. That circle fabric is amazing; I definitely thought it was two different fabrics until you explained!
    I love these blocks and can't wait to see the final wall hangings.

  4. Those circles are fabulous! I like the idea of not having them go all the same way too.
    The quilts are going to be fabulous once you're finished.

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