HSTeria quilt along project 3…..

All 25 blocks are sewn together into a quilt top now.  I have to make a decision if it is done (at about 50″ square) or whether I want to design more borders.  I love medallion quilts but don’t like square bed quilts or couch quilts.  I think of them more as a wallhanging.  Click on the HSTeria Quilt Along button on my right side bar to see what everyone else is doing with their triangles.

 We went out in the backyard to see the lilacs but they were done blooming.  The peonies have lots of buds but the rain on Wednesday has stalled the blooming.  The red Weigela bush is just past the prime but this branch was still looking good.  The weeds are doing great (groan).  We had the most beautiful weather yesterday, mid 70s and a nice breeze.


13 thoughts on “HSTeria quilt along project 3…..

  1. I with you – I not a fan of square quilts. When I get myself in this situation I will add an additional border on two ends, then put the final border all the way around so that it ends up rectangular. Does that make sense?

  2. I did check out “HSTeria” and there were some awesome designs… but as of today, yours is what steals my heart ! Design and colorful fabrics as usual, makes yours sing with spring time feelings.

    You certainly captured a lovely Weigela branch. So pretty.


  3. Love the quilt. You'd have a lot of work to make it oblong… another row of blocks and borders… and then would it work as a twin?
    I know that groan… our weeds seem to grow even when there isn't water! What is that? I think we could get rid of them quite easily (e-silly)if we reassigned them as flowers. Then they would die out. HaHaHa.

  4. Well, it's great as is, BUT I think it would also gracefully accept additional borders top and bottom to make it a nice snuggle quilt for a couch. I'm picturing three or four more rows of squares to give a solid balance to the open center???? I do GREAT work with other people's creations, eh????

  5. I love the new quilt. I like square quilts for my round tables or occasionally I use them in the center of my dining table or I also have a square coffee table that I use them on. I guess it is all personal preference. Yes, we have had beautiful weather this week. I hope it lasts but I think there is some rain in our weekend.

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