More cleaning, garden………

I’m still cleaning for company.  The guest room tends to get stuff dumped in it and now I’m trying to find places for things.

This is my tomato garden.  I have 6 different kinds of plants, 2 are alike.  I’ll tie the tops of the cages together soon so there is no chance of tipping over.  I hope the squirrels will not be interested in this set up.  They have already dug some of my flowers out of my pots in front of the garage.


11 thoughts on “More cleaning, garden………

  1. I too am potting up some veggies this year as my garden area around my deck is under construction. I left mine out in the strong sun too long though and done are not looking the best.

  2. My tomatoes are in pots too. I am only growing the Patio variety and would like to try additional ones next year. Good luck with yours. They look nice and healthy.

  3. I have tomatoes too… and in about 2 weeks I will have tomatoes to eat!!! The tomatoes are about thumb size now… A little grape variety in large buckets on the deck! If, all the flowers turn into fruit… I will have plenty of tomatoes! Our weather finally turned warm and the basil shot up, another YAY!

  4. We have grown tomatoes in pots for over 10 years now, using large pots to do so, and all varieties of tomatoes. I believe, if you keep them in their present formation, without giving them enough space to grow, you may have a problem with growth because of overcrowding. The squirrels don't usually bother our tomatoes, but flower pots are are another story. There were mornings I got up and just about cried because my freshly planted pots were all dug up and there were little flowers all over the deck and ground. This year, I purchased about a dozen little pinwheels from the Dollar Tree and they seem to be doing the trick, probably because it's been windy and they've been doing their job by going at breakneck speed and looking so pretty while doing it. Having woods in back of us hasn't helped with the critter problem, but we try to outwit some of them, and don't always succeed, but it keeps things interesting.

  5. We used to be prolific gardeners but full work schedules and summer vacations stopped the gardening for about 20 years. This year I grew 10 tomato plants from seeds from the dollar store, gave 4 away and planted 6 right next to the compost pile. They all are blooming beautifully-yay me! Ha!

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