May recap………….

I didn’t finish any quilts.  I started several, the above two are finished quilt tops.  

 I started two mug rugs but didn’t finish them.

I did finish five dishcloths.  I have knitted 34 of them since the beginning of the year. 

Yard work took over my time in May.  For a change it was actually pleasant weather to be out cutting volunteer trees and digging plants to share.  I have also done all of my own mowing so far.  When it gets hot and muggy my neighbor will do it for me (for a price).

 My Dianthus is really an overachiever this year.  The Cranesbill is doing its best to keep up with it.


10 thoughts on “May recap………….

  1. With all the yard work, you still accomplished quite a bit. I was going after my volunteer trees yesterday but the summer thunderstorm convinced me to just go visit mom instead.

  2. yard work takes a lot of time-even small yards – and sometimes it kind of recharges our creative batteries to get outside and breath in the fresh air! Looking at all the color plants gives ideas for quilting also 🙂

  3. Lots of shoveling mulch left to do here. Not my favorite part!

    Where did you get the pattern for your dish clothes? The edge on your is nicer than on the pattern I have.

    Love both of your quilt tops but especially the one on the right . Your eye for color combos is amazing!

  4. “Even” without any completed quilts this month you're still much more of an overachiever in my book than your pretty plant. The fact that you have time for any yard work on top of all your quilting amazes me.
    I'm fortunate that the woman who owned this house before we bought it put in a fair number of perennials, along with some pretty flowering bushes, and such, so I can enjoy some flowers in my own yard – as well as everywhere else – because I don't do any yard work unless I absolutely have to! I don't enjoy it at all, and if I get at all overheated I get a headache which can easily progress into a migraine. Since I had a ruptured brain aneurysm and subsequent surgery to repair it almost 20 years ago, my head had been very fickle!

  5. What a lovely Sunday Post Wanda… Always a treat to see 'the finishes' again. I too have been knitting dish cloth's at night. And giving away… trying to get all my “sugar and cream” stash all used up. About 18 more skeins to go yet.


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