The littlest visitor……..

Four months old and already wearing flip flops!

 All of this visiting is tiring too.  Isn’t it something we start out with double chins and then end up with them again when we get old?

 I don’t think I showed my Mother’s Day porch pot that my son brought to me.

 Dianthus – pinks- it says on the label that they are an annual but they always come up again and in fact they were already a little green when the snow melted off of them.


11 thoughts on “The littlest visitor……..

  1. Going today to buy flowers for the pots. Last week bought the 2 grand kids (4 and 2) sandals at the store that sells wide kids shoes as their feet are like cubes (my son's were, too!). They have straps so they don't run out of them, not your little one's problem!

  2. Nothing says summer like flip-flops! And baby flip-flops are too, too cute!
    Your Mother's Day porch pot is gorgeous as are the gorgeous pink dianthus!

  3. Awe ~ ~ ~ sweet baby. I can hear you laughing at those tiny lil feet with flip flops. Beautiful healthy lil guy and has gotten so BIG since your last photo of him.

    And what a pretty pot of Mother's day flowers Scott gave you. Love those colors too. Dianthus are funny lil flowers out here in the mountains … they came back a couple years but with one hard winter deep freeze they are now gone.


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