Did you have a question for me?……….

Did you get an answer from me?  If you don’t have an email link I can’t answer you……..I have 2 email links so that you can email me with questions; one is on my right sidebar, the other on my profile page, 2 different emails so if you have trouble with one, there is another.  Questions about the quilt top I just finished? This link takes you to some facts and this link takes you to the construction of the block.  You can also just scroll back through the last 2 weeks and see the quilt in progress.  If that doesn’t answer your question PLEASE email me.

Yesterday I spent the morning digging up plants that hopped the rock boundary of my back garden.  Two hours of digging it and I’m feeling it.  Then yesterday afternoon I started putting away batiks that were scattered about from the last quilt top.  I kept out the group above, some of my faves!!


11 thoughts on “Did you have a question for me?……….

  1. That digging is hard to do at times. Glad you have gotten some of it done. We are working at it too. I have been picking up also and then I need to make a couple slip covers. One for a car seat and one for a glider rocker. Do you know what you plan on doing with these beautiful fabrics? Chris

  2. I agree your fabric favorites are truly gorgeous. And yesterdays post… I did enjoy seeing your NW quilt at a distance… it truly sparkles with all the cuts of a gem stone. And your garden growth was fun to see how fast it is all leafing out so fast.


  3. Maybe no digging for a few days, two hours is two too long!!! Fabrics left out to pick up, look at, place in a different order, that is real quilting fun. Cheers, Jean

  4. I lost my home to an arsonist last summer, I can't begin to tell you how it felt to lose all those precious batiks. Even though I had a variety of fabric, they just made my day! So I have gone to the local quilt shop and lost my mind!! So continue to share those photos of your stash!! I am truly enjoying it! Thanks!

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