Sewn together…………

I got up with a migraine yesterday and started feeling better by 7 p.m. so I decided to sew the quilt top together.  I rotated it all directions to see if I still liked it.

I like it all four ways so it passed the test.

There are areas with perfect points.

There are lots of areas with imperfect points and seam matches.  Imperfect, like me.


39 thoughts on “Sewn together…………

  1. Gorgeous, Wanda. Another quilt with fun watching the progress! It does look great from all directions. So which side are you going to put the sleeve on, LOL?

  2. You made my day by pointing out your not so perfect points. I love your quilts so much and had never noticed a single mismatched point. My husband has always said that a few in a hundred weren't that bad, but I always looked at you stuff and thought if you could do it – I just wasn't doing well at all. I saw the imperfection you graciously pointed out and now I will strive, not stress.

  3. Northwind is one of my all-time favorite quilt patterns (along with winding ways). I am so inspired by you and your gorgeous (and prolific) work. Your blog is the one I look forward to every day. Thank you!

  4. What was your thought process for leaving the orange block included. I stands out in the photo, but I'm guessing it must not in person? D.Falgiano

  5. It's stunning, Wanda! Any way you look at it. I have really enjoyed watching your process of putting it together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. It is really more than a quilt. It is a work of art that should be on a wall. I can't get over how such a simple pattern, when used with such colors is an overall one piece of color shimmer.

  7. I can never get every single point to match – glad to see I am not the only one – love the quilt – glad your headache went away, I rarely get migraines but I get really bad sinus headaches in the spring off and on which sometimes takes several days to get rid of.

  8. Beautiful Wanda, your color wash effect is so neat! I made a couple blocks yesterday, they are fun! Hope your migraine stays gone and I don't get upset if some of my points aren't perfect.

  9. I've been very lucky that I was able to eradicate migraines by eliminating tomatoes and soy from my diet. I feel for you. They are horrid. Your quilt, on the other hand, is fabulous!

  10. SPECTACULAR ! You did it Wanda. I recall and had to go back to make sure I remembered correctly. But that is what you were aiming for. Spectacular it is for certain. I hope you think so too.

    Can't believe you battled a Migraine all day and then felt like sewing.


  11. I learn a little something every time you show the progress, and thought processes, of your quilts. Northwinds has been fun to follow and the result is beautiful.

  12. Still laughing at Anonymous saying “You call that imperfect”! Absolutely agree with her and think your final choice is just stunning, I have so enjoyed watching you make this. Hope your migraine is gone, gone, gone!

  13. A beautiful quilt Wanda, I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your quilts. The Japanese have a philosophy called wabi-sabi, basically it's seeing the beauty (and impermanence) in the imperfection that is in everything. If I make something I'm not entirely happy with I just tell myself it's wabi-sabi! Not to say I can see anything wrong in your blocks-they look very good to me.

  14. Superbly wonderfully spectacular indeed, Points, I would never have seen that one, 2 or 3 threads out?? All totally perfect to my eye, and I do hope the migraines go totally as well. Cheers, Jean.

  15. Wonderful looking quilt!! The colors are amazing. Also, I'm glad you showed that not having perfect matches all the time is ok. As a newer quilter, that is one thing that I struggle with and think less of my projects when I nit pick. So congrats on the lesson and your gorgeous quilt.

  16. Wanda, how you can denigrate this gorgeous work of art is beyond me. We are all imperfect and that's the way it's supposed to be. I don't see the mismatches at all. The batiks are stunning and the triangles superb. This is a magnificent quilt and you have every reason to be ultra-proud of it.

  17. It's a winner! But I'm curious: did you have to take all the blocks down, one by one, and put them back up again, one by one, each time you rotated the direction of the quilt to see if you liked it in all four directions before you sewed it together? Or did you just take a picture and rotate the picture? Or do you have some magical way you can rotate your design wall without the blocks falling off?

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