Final layout….

I don’t think I will change my mind…..I’m pretty sure it is the final layout.  I did some rearranging yesterday but I still had to make one new block to get it just the way I wanted it.  I’m adding yesterday’s layout below so you can see some of the changes (if you want to hunt for them).  All of the changes are in the bottom four rows.

Here is the 
vertical final layout.  What I learned from this quilt was that I needed at least another 40 blocks to achieve what I thought I was designing.  That means going to a smaller block.  These are 9″ blocks (72″ x 90″) so 7.5″ blocks would work and would make a 75″ x 90″ with 120 blocks.  I need an even number of rows each direction like I have done here so that when 4 dark corners of the blocks come together it is repeated at the opposite edge.  I have spent 2 weeks on this project at this point.  I’m not sure when I’ll start sewing it together.  I did a lot of outside work yesterday and probably will be out again today.


26 thoughts on “Final layout….

  1. Perfect Wanda – just perfect. I love it to bits.
    I must rummage through my batiks and play….
    Looking forward to seeing what you move onto.

  2. It is amazing that the blocks are all made out of triangles. Those batiks just shine. It is so interesting to see the shifts in color when you rearrange them!! Happy Sunday—hope your garden is growing pretty flowers.

  3. I wish I could see this in real life. I'm finding it hard to get a real sense of it from a small photo; but as it is, for some reason the vertical version looks best! It's quite striking and I'm sure it's amazing in real life.
    Will it hang on a wall? If so, I hope it will be in a place where people can get far enough away to get a good view.

  4. This is beautiful!! I can't wait to get started! I must stop procrastinating, and go pick up a cutter for the triangles. I'm just having a hard time choosing which one.

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