HSTeria quilt along week 4

I only got two more blocks made for my Northwind quilt.  I didn’t spend much time on it yesterday.

 I thought I would show some closeups of different areas.  Wouldn’t an all light value quilt be pretty?

Here is another light area.

The high contrast areas are nice too.  The two orange/red blocks to the right might get replaced.  I’m not sure these fit in this quilt.

I’m auditioning fabrics for the next block, trying to decide if it should be red purple or blue purple or both.

Click on the HSTeria quilt along logo on my right side bar to see what everyone else is doing.


9 thoughts on “HSTeria quilt along week 4

  1. I DO agree with you Wanda – the pale coloured and low contrast blocks are lovely. They really seem to actually shimmer and jiggle somehow.
    I am really tempted to try this pattern.

  2. You're getting close! Each time you “play” there are more things to oooh and aaah over…I love the lights, like a bed of tulips! They are just so pretty and make me forget about all this damp, cold rainy weather. 😦

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