5 more blocks-rearranging blocks…………

This is the set of five blocks that I was in the middle of when the power went out Monday night.

I have ten more blocks to make for the bottom row and I may end up making some new ones for the right side for a smoother blend.  Actually I moved several blocks after I took this photo and have made three more new ones.  I spent all afternoon cutting 2.5″ squares for kits for the color class I will be doing the end of June.  I have 76 fabrics cut out of the 100 I need.  I have cut 11 7/8 yards so far.  I’m cutting more kits than I need so I’ll be prepared if I schedule the class again.


13 thoughts on “5 more blocks-rearranging blocks…………

  1. Love the quilt.
    Is your color class open to blog followers? Can you send me some information? Not sure if I could come, but I'd love to take a lass with you.

  2. This is going to be another stunning quilt. I am really enjoying following your process – thank you so much for sharing.
    Kind regards

  3. Soooo enjoying watching this quilt come together. It's beautiful.
    I learned so much during your color class in Charlotte, NC. A most wonderful learning experience.

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