3rd set of 10 blocks………..

I sewed the third set of 10 blocks last night and chose fabrics for the next 10.  I promised a friend I would show the assembly of the Northwind block so I photographed one block at every step.

 The pieces laid out in order.  I am using 6″ and 3″ finished triangles.

Sew the 3 squares down the center.

Add triangles to complete the 3 center rows. Press seams to the left on rows one and three, to the right on row 2.

Sew the 3 center rows together. 

Add the corner triangles.  I pressed the seams toward the large triangle.  I sew the parts of 2 blocks at the same time so I can chain piece all the way from start to finish.


15 thoughts on “3rd set of 10 blocks………..

  1. I understand, I get the piecing order. What size dies are you using to cut this? I don't have a cutter, but maybe I could borrow one from someone at my guild. I love how simple the building blocks are and how striking the result. I am triangle challenged when sewing together. I make the HST by sewing two lines on squares and cutting them apart, but that won't work here. Absolutely scrumptious colors!

  2. I spent some time just now playing with this block in EQ and had a great time. What a great use for some of my batiks which have been calling out to me. Thanks.

  3. Superb, in every way, and great tutorial, you are so generous to us all out here, many thanks. Love that lime green with marbled blue, great combination. Cheers, Jean

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