A little prep time………

I couldn’t get motivated to do anything yesterday until 9 p.m.  I had previously cut a 7.25″ strip from 77 different batiks.  I was planning on cutting several things from the strip and I sized them for the 6.5″ triangle die.  Everything else would be a smaller cut.

I got seven pairs cut into the two sizes of triangles I need for my next project.  I will do more cutting as I work through the project.  I will start sewing them as soon as I decide which machine I am using since I want to stay with the same machine through the whole project.  I have already made this quilt once before.  Why am I making another one? Because I think I can make the next one even prettier.  The first one was OK but not spectacular.  I’m going for spectacular this time.


15 thoughts on “A little prep time………

  1. 🙂 I always love all of your quilts. It was hard for me to get motivated to quilt yesterday or do any sewing until late in the evening, it was so warm outside that I spent almost the entire day out enjoying it even into the evening sitting on the deck until it got dark – maybe I will get a little done today instead?

  2. Well not to fret about not getting motivated till 9 p.m. I know you never have days like that. But I sure have had plenty. I think you were just gathering up some steam to start this next spectacular quilt.


  3. Gorgeous Batiks! I was so busy at the quilt shop I didn't even have time to look at their batiks and they have a lot of them! You have the makings for another spectacular quilt!

  4. All your quilts are spectacular. I love the fabrics chosen and look forward to seeing this next quilt. I am working on a table runner that is quilted, beaded and embroidered. It fills all my crafty needs. lol

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