May Day…..

The last finish for April!!  I was just under the wire on this one finishing it at 10:15 last night.  It ended up at 59″ x 70″.   It was too late to get an April recap collage ready so I’ll post that tomorrow.

Here are the backing and binding fabrics.  I got the backing on sale and the binding is an old Hoffman print from somewhere in the early 1990s.  It has always been a favorite of mine and I think it looks great on the quilt.

In the backyard there was some sharing happening.  The squirrels are more tolerant of the bunnies this year.  There are some violets blooming in the backyard now.  The buds on the Redbud trees are getting fatter and pinker.

The bunny is blending into the background perfectly.  He needs a good brushing to get rid of the fur he is shedding.  I think they use that fur to cover the babies in the nest from what I have seen in the past.


20 thoughts on “May Day…..

  1. Lovely finish! Well done on making it under the 'April wire'! I'm still two sides of a binding short on the quilt I wanted to complete last month…
    Nice to see those squirrels and rabbits too.

  2. oooh, it looks like there are “smudges” of gray, and the binding and backing are perfect. there's something just plain satisfying about this quilt. makes me smile.

  3. I really like this quilt! It is nice to see the little creatures getting along. We have been having rain all week. On Monday the birds were chirping and happy. This morning, not so much. I am looking forward to your April recap!

  4. Nice finish!!!
    The redbud is past peak here… and leafing. No bunnies to speak of, but I did see the resident squirrel the other day.

  5. As always your finished quilts are supreme. I call the one you showed today ~ Electric Current. It tells quite a story to me, and of course I love it !

    Those backings are so pretty also.. The celery gray colors are so soothing. And any leaf print gets my attention.

    My violets have been blooming for a month now… and they are pink lavender in color. I don't even know where they came from but they are all over. My sister did give me a few violet plants from her back yard last year. They have come up but I do not see any buds on them yet. Must be our altitude, be the cause.


  6. I love the quilt. I believe the bunnies also line their nests with their fur. How nice and soft to be sleeping on a bed of fur but oh the allergies. Love wild violets. I had some planted (out of my girlfriend yard) in my last house so I could have a bouquet in the spring. Now I live in the woods and none are in sight.

  7. Love that Fractured Quilt. How sweet to see both bunnies and squirrels right in your yard-and together no less. You had a prolific April!

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